Leptospirosis in dogs

Why are pet vaccinations so important? What’s Leptospirosis?

We understand that vaccines are something that get put on the long finger sometimes or forgotten about, but we would ask that you put a mark on the calendar every year. We have unfortunately seen some recent cases of young healthy dogs contracting Leptospirosis and sadly we were unable to save them. Being aware of the symptoms and acting fast if you suspect Leptospirosis is vital as the sooner it is noticed and treated, the higher the chance of survival. So what is Leptospirosis?

Ticks on Pets

What are ticks? At this time of year, we see a large increase in the number of pets, especially dogs presenting to the vet with ticks. A tick is a blood sucking external parasite found mainly in grassland and wooded areas. They wait on the edge of the grass and can detect a passing mammal by smell.  When…

Pet Care Plans

Arena Vet’s Pet Care Plan is a payment plan which covers all your pet’s annual routine preventative healthcare at a highly discounted rate, divided into 12 low monthly direct debit payments. In addition to this, all our clients on this plan can avail of discounts on dentals, neutering and consultations throughout the year. More information…